"Blooming From Within" 雪紡絲巾 Chiffon Scarf



由風雨蘭「MEET - 倖存者小組」成員 Christy 設計,「Blooming From Within」 雪紡絲巾可作為領巾造型,亦可作髮帶使用。連一張介紹設計概念的紙咭。 Designed by Christy, member of RainLily's "MEET - Survivors Group". "Blooming From Within" Chiffon Scarf can be worn as a necktie or a hairband. Comes with a card that introduces the design concept. 所有出售收益均用作支持風雨蘭性暴力受害人支援服務。 All the funds raised will go towards support services for victim-survivors of sexual violence. *「MEET - 倖存者小組」由關注性暴力議題的義工、倖存者組成 * "MEET - Survivors Group" is formed by volunteers and survivors concerned about issues of sexual violence


設計概念 Design Concept







 - Christy,「MEET - 倖存者小組」成員(小組由關注性暴力議題的義工、倖存者組成)


“Life is a box of chocolates”.

But sometimes I bite the bitter ones, leaving me shocked and lost, unsure how to live and carry on.

The darkness of life stayed as an uninvited guest, and I always fell into a trap of thinking those wounds can't be healed. All I could do was pretend I was fine.

But the pain spread like an infectious tissue, growing and consuming me until I am lost in its grip.

However, if we look closely at our hearts, we can see the brokenness, the pain, and the vulnerability. And in that moment of understanding, we can see the beauty of the bittersweet, embracing both the light and the dark, the joy and the pain.

So if the darkness of life comes knocking on your door,
I hope these flowers will bloom in the midst of chaos,
Bringing out the love and beauty within yourself.

This, my dear, is a song of existence.

 - Christy, Member of RainLily's “MEET - Survivors Group” (formed by volunteers and survivors of sexual violence)


尺寸 Size

50 x 50 cm (W x H)


面料 Fabric

雪紡紗 Chiffon


售價 Price

佳節限定價 HK$188 (原價 HK$ 228

Festive Special HK$188 (Original HK$ 228)


*包裝或與圖片所示略有不同 Packaging may vary slightly



All funds raised go towards RainLily sexual violence victim-survivors support services.